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About me

I write persuasive and profitable copy that sounds just like you.

Copywriting is a mix of art and science, and that sweet spot is truly my zone of genius.

I work with online businesses, primarily in the coaching and therapy spaces, and create conversion-focused copy for online funnels.

The work I do is focused on maximising profits from existing offers.

I’ve trained under conversion copywriters such as Mike Shreeve and Joanne Wiebe – and this informs the approach I take which is research-led and data-driven.

I’ve also trained under Abbey Woodcock and Justin Blackman – and this work has taught me how to stay ‘on-brand’ with voice and tone.

It’s a powerful mix that I’m not sure many other copywriters are tapping into.

You Can Hire Me To Write…






  • I’ve written sales pages that increased conversions by 400%. 
  • I’ve written Facebook ads that outperform the originals.
  • I’ve written emails that sell courses and social media posts that attract clients.

If you hire me to write your copy, you’ll be getting a potent mix of:

  • My innate ‘knack’ for writing (I’ve been at this since I won a writing prize when I was nine years old)
  • The investments I’ve made in learning the skills and science of conversion copywriting
  • Seven years of experience in the online world, learning every nook and cranny of marketing, copy and sales…specifically for coaches in the online space