Case Study: 400% Increase In Conversions

“And as a result of working with Cathy, we signed up 125 members on our latest launch, usually we have 30. So for me…it’s no coincidence that hiring Cathy to write the sales page made this difference.”

Meet James!

He runs a 28 Day online coaching program, working specifically with men.

He helps them to create the life they want to live by prioritising their own physical and mental health.

Where we began…

James has been running his program for a few years. He gets great results for his clients, and has amazing testimonials to prove this. 

He launches three times a year, and was getting around 30 sign-ups each time, using a sales page he had written himself.

So, while things were going OK…there was something that felt ‘off’ with his messaging.

He felt that he wasn’t really explaining what he did in the right way, to the people who benefit most from his help.

The process we went through…

  • Step 1: I went through the content of his program to understand what he offers, how he delivers it, and how it ties back to the outcomes of his program
  • Step 2: I got to know his audience by going through the testimonials, spending time in his free Facebook group to listen to his audience’s concerns, and the language they use to express it
  • Step 3: I researched his market and his competitors. This helped me get clear on what resonates with his audience, and how to match this back to James’s programs and the outcomes
  • Step 4: I pulled everything together, and wrote a 5,000 word sales page – which needed only small tweaks before going live

The Outcome…

We plugged the new sales page into his funnel. 

The number of men who signed up to his program on this launch quadrupled – from 30 to 125 signups.

In addition, the men who complete the 28-day program have the opportunity to join an exclusive 6-month membership mastermind, and around 40% of them moved across.

“Cathy was fantastic to work with, really understanding, got the brief, did everything amazingly, her communication with me was insanely great, constantly asking me questions. constantly sending me videos to explain what she’s done.  I’m looking forward to working with Cathy on future projects, to raise the standard of communication so that we can get our message across, and continuously build the brand.”

– James Boardman, The Man Coach

Case Study: Launched 6-Figure Income Stream

“Cathy helped us write the sales copy for an upsell product that made 5 figure profit and looking like it will become 6 figure revenue stream annually.”

Meet Leighton!

He’s the founder of two gyms (with a third to be opened soon) and has a super-efficient online system to bring more women into his programs. Alongside the physical gym membership, he’s created programs to help his clients with their health, nutrition and mindset.

Where we began…

Leighton had run a beta launch of an upsell program for his gym members.  The feedback was good, so he wanted to create an online funnel to offer this program to members of his gym. 

The process we went through…

  • Step 1: I went through the feedback, testimonials and program content. I gave Leighton scripts to help interview his audience and we created a vast amount of information about what his audience really want and need from the program he’s offering
  • Step 2: I researched his market and his competitors. This helped me get clear on what resonates with his audience, and how to match this back to Leighton’s program and the outcomes
  • Step 3: I pulled everything together, and wrote a launch funnel including emails and a sales page

The Outcome…

Around 50% of the clients that are offered this new program decide to join.  This resulted in a 5-figure launch the first time he put this offer out to his audience. It’s an ongoing 6-figure revenue stream for his business, as he is bringing new clients into his gym every month, and upselling around half of them onto this new program.  

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