How Many Hours Have You Wasted Writing Your Sales Page?

(and it still doesn’t do its job properly)

You’ve heard it before. “Create your own sales page to promote your coaching program and ditch the need for copywriters forever!”

So you did a course. You learnt about basic copywriting principles. You’ve got a nice template which you “filled out”.

Sure, it took you hours and hours. But you’ve got catchy headlines, fancy bullet points and targeted content. You’ve got your very own reusable sales page.

You’re not really sure if you’ve done it right (how could you be?!), but you unleash it on your hard-earned prospects and wait…

It didn’t work, did it?

Another failed attempt at taking control of your own marketing content.

More of your time and money wasted by empty promises.

There’s a step in the writing process that everyone else is missing…

There is truth in the line “you too can create your own successful sales page”. It really isn’t rocket science.

After all, who could possibly know the true value of what you offer to your customers and prospects better than you?

You are ideally placed to deliver that powerful, persuasive message that brings in sales. Not somebody you’ve hired to do it on your behalf.

And there really are principles and formulas you can apply that work.

But I guarantee that other sales page courses fail to include a simple step that you can easily learn to use. 

It’s the difference between connecting with your prospect and missing the mark completely.

And it’ll make writing your content more effortless too.

What my car taught me about writing copy…

I know nothing about car maintenance. Could I change the oil in my engine? I’m getting a bit stressed just thinking about it to be honest.

But let’s say I want to learn this skill because I’m tired of being taken advantage of by my dodgy mechanic.

There are various options open to me:

  • Read a book
  • Watch a Youtube video
  • Get some hands-on instruction from someone who knows what they’re doing.


Now bear in mind that I hate doing this sort of thing. I’m pathologically impractical. But I know that is an achievable skill to learn, and I really want to save myself some money.

And who knows? I might just be really good at it after-all. Perhaps it could lead to an exciting new pastime?

I skip option 1 and go straight for the Youtube video.

There are a few videos of varying quality for my make of car. So I watch them and get a pretty good idea of what to do.

I decide to take the plunge.

It’s horrible. I hate it. 

I spend hours swearing at the car and getting covered in oil. 

I loosen bits I shouldn’t loosen.

I snap off a mystery item that was blocking access to the oil tank.

And the various Youtube videos are basically useless because they don’t relate to the issues that I’ve now run into. 

I need someone with expertise to help me.

I should’ve gone straight to option 3.

Introducing: The Persuasive Copywriting Workshop

The Persuasive Copywriting Workshop is your option 3.

Rather than just offering you some basic principles and a template and expecting you to nail your copy, I’m going to share my expertise and be on hand to provide feedback and guidance. 

How on earth are you supposed to know whether you’ve successfully created words that sell your products and services if you’ve got no-one to ask?

You’ll also learn and put into practice my unique system for producing content that not only comes naturally for you but actually speaks directly to your audience.

  • Finally have a process for painlessly writing sales content (instead of spending hours pulling your hair out)
  • Discover how to push through the mental blocks that are making you sound like everyone else
  • Learn the secret ‘shortcut’ that copywriters use to write persuasive copy that sells (but don’t talk about publicly) 
  • Receive on-the-spot guidance and feedback from me so you will know how you’re doing
  • Learn how to simplify the writing process while also making your offer really talk to your ideal client
  • After one session walk away with a model that you can apply to writing copy for any part of your business
  • Actually get the thing done. Invest 60 minutes of your time into physically taking action (instead of watching videos of someone else doing it)

How it works

  • 60 minute Zoom call where you follow some simple steps, and spend around 30 minutes writing
  • I lead the session and give you my expertise and insight into successful content writing
  • You follow step-by-step instructions on how to get your offer out of your head and into a format that feels authentic
  • Opportunity for on-the-spot feedback. You share the letter you have written with myself and others in the call for open discussion (if you want to)
  • Feedback on your copy. Submit it to me, and I’ll share my comments in a feedback session in the FB group 
  • Get ideas on how to make further improvements to the content you have written (so you can think deeper about your message after the call)
  • Join a Facebook Live session to look at further improvements you make to your content after the call

Bonus #1

1 month full access to The Coaches Copywriting Toolkit Mastermind.

You get to join in on the other workshops and hot seats that are taking place that month.

  • Q&A sessions
  • Hot Seat
  • One more interactive GSD workshop that takes place that month

Direct feedback on your copy. I charge £250/hour to work directly on copy for my clients

Bonus #2

The Copywriting Toolkit Mini-Course

You get access to everything I’ve learned (officially through training and on the job) about writing profitable copy for my personal clients.

You get all the tools, systems and processes I use to write words that have been responsible for 5-figure launches, 6-figure business growth….all while staying authentic to the brand and voice of my clients.

Yours for free when you sign up to the masterclass.

Why Me

I’m a sales conversion copywriting for coaches, therapists and online course creators.

In other words, I write copy that makes more money for my clients from their existing offers.

  • I’ve written sales pages that increased conversions by 400%. 
  • I’ve written Facebook ads that outperform the originals.
  • I’ve written emails that sell courses and social media posts that attract clients.

Writing has been my ‘thing’ for most of my life (I’ve been at this since I won a writing prize when I was nine years old).

I now also run programs to help coaches and therapists to write their own persuasive sales copy. 

I particularly love helping those who find writing too ‘salesy’ to approach their writing from a different, more authentic angle.

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