If you spend more than an hour a week on your social media content (and you're still not getting regular clients) then watch the below video.

It'll change how you think about marketing your business forever...

Growing an online coaching business involves embracing social media. Visibility = Growth. Right?

If creating your content feels like a're doing it wrong. It should be light. And fun.

It should feel sociable.

Want to know the reason you're struggling?

All of the tips and templates that you're currently using have one thing in common.

They show you how to 'brainstorm' (ie take an educated guess) at what your audience needs to hear from you (and they're usually tips from marketers - not copywriters).

Making things up is fun...for a while. Then it gets tiring. And becomes a chore.

You feel like you're constantly re-inventing the wheel. Taking a stab in the dark. Rolling out yet another cliche.

Creative work is tiring. It's a good sort of tiring - if you're using it for the work you feel aligned with.

You need to keep the best of your creativity focused on your clients, your big-picture business goals, and (ideally) on something non-business-related that's just for you.

Your social media though? I'm going to show you a different way...

The Social Flow Method

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    I'm a copywriter, and in my world...we do things differently.

    This is a 3-step system I've created while writing sales-focused copy for my 6- and 7-figure clients.

    It shows you:

    • How to ditch blank page syndrome forever.
    • The copywriter's shortcut for getting your audience to write 80% of your content.
    • How to read your ideal clients' minds (you'll get comments and messages telling you that it's spooky how well you know your audience ).
    • How to create your Brand Aura...the intuitive 'something' that attracts your perfect clients to you (spoiler alert: it's a mix of art and science that's been proven to work. Copywriters are actually closet psychology nerds...)

    Why The Social Flow Method Is Different...

    Copywriters approach content very differently to marketers. We KNOW how to get inside of the heads of your ideal client.

    It's what we get trained in, it's what we do for a living, and it's what we get very good at.

    In a nutshell - if you're good at listening, paying attention, and using empathy - the Social Flow Method will get you more clients.

    It's about making sure you're staying consistent with your message. Focusing on the 'triggers' your audience needs to hear from you so they can decide that you're the person they need to work with.

    Here's what you get:

    • A Trello board template broken down into the triggers, topics, and types of posts you need to create for your SM strategy
    • A copy of my Messaging Matrix document, which shows you how to organize your content into 'buckets' that connect with your ideal clients authentically and consistently.
    • Instruction videos on how to use the method and apply it to your own marketing