How To Write Words That Sell Your Coaching Services To The People That Need It…Even If You Hate Writing

If you’re tired of forcing out ‘content’ that’s meant to connect you with your clients (but keeps falling flat), keep reading. I’ve got a nifty system that takes the pain away…

You love your business, you really do.

There are nights where you can’t sleep for going over all the ideas in your head…your plans for ways to reach more people…to grow and scale and diversify.

The next day, you sit down at your laptop – ready to get it all out. Ready to share your vision. Ready to help the people you KNOW you can help (after all, you’ve done this umpteen times already – you know the positive impact your work has for your clients).

Cup of tea? Check.

Done a wee? Yup.

Washed the kitchen floor? If it’s ‘content day’ the floors are ALWAYS clean.

You open a blank page, get ready to write…and…nothing.

“God, I HATE writing…” you think to yourself.

Somehow, through sheer force of will…you…pass…a…few…constipated…words.



Integrity is important to you. More than important, it’s essential in your profession.

Your clients need to know they can trust you and to feel that you’re really genuine in your work.

You worry that your social media posts sound completely different to what you sound like when you talk to them.

You know that your messaging isn’t hitting the mark – and that people in your audience don’t really ‘get’ what you do.

If writing’s a struggle, and you’re winging it every day – I’ve got some great news for you.

Writing copy that sells isn’t really about writing at all.

Copy Training For Coaches: Nail Your Message, Share Your Values and Work With Dream Clients

Full disclosure out of the gate. This is the first time I’ll be running this program.

It’s the system I use when writing profitable copy for my personal clients, and I’m creating a ‘product’ to share with you so that you can apply it to your own business.

You’ll get all the tools, systems and processes I use to write words that have been responsible for 5-figure launches, 6-figure business growth….and all while staying authentic to the brand and voice of my clients.

There will be live training, worksheet exercises, templates and additional tools that:

  • Finally get your ideas out of your head and into words that make sense
  • Share what you do with your audience in a way they understand
  • Feel more confident in what you do (because you can explain it properly)

You can grab the early-bird price to guarantee your spot (more on that in a sec…), but first…here’s a little peek into what you’ll be learning when you sign up:

  • How to stop feeling ‘salesy’ and start feeling proud and confident when talking about the transformational work you do with your clients.
  • No more worrying that you’ve got nothing to say – I’ll show you how to create a system that means you’re never stuck for words again
  • I’ll teach you how to ditch ‘blank page syndrome’ once and for all – this is the ultimate fix to being able to consistently create content that sounds authentically you AND gets more of your perfect clients signing up
  • No more feelings of ‘where do I start?’. If you’ve done the work and got great results for your clients, you have everything you need to write for your business – it’s all right there waiting for you to polish it up
  • Hate writing? My system is only about 20% actual writing – most of the work can be done while you’re doing other things…I write most of my first drafts while walking my dog every morning

  • Learn how to write for your business in a way that’s so clear and compelling, you’ll feel like you want to sign up to your own offers (imagine feeling butterflies of excitement when you write rather than a brain fog of dread)
  • I’ll show you that you don’t have to be ‘good’ at writing to be persuasive (and profitable). As long as you believe in what you do – I help you explain it properly.
  • Why starting with templates (you’ve got a bunch on your hard drive, don’t you!?) is a terrible idea. They have their place, but things need to be done in a different order than you’re used to.
  • I’ll show you how to write headlines that do 80% of the selling for you…and how to use them so that they don’t sound ‘Headline-ey’ (no click-bait on my watch!)
  • Why emotional intelligence and empathy is WAY more important than slick copywriting formulas. If you care about only working with the people you can truly help, then the approach I teach is going to sit really well with you.


  • The untapped potential hiding in your testimonials and reviews ( I’ll show you how to extract the real gold from the experiences clients have working with you)
  • Why 99% of coaches are approaching their marketing copy all wrong. It’s not your fault, but the same-same techniques that have been flying around as lead magnets are overused, cliched and turning your clients off
  • I’ll guide you through the right way to apply copywriting ‘formulas’ to your writing. They’re the cherry on top, not the whole enchilada (to mix my metaphors)
  • Why thinking of your clients in terms of ‘avatars’ is a horrible idea. Your clients aren’t a homogenous mass of ‘avatars’…they’re individuals. Let’s treat them like that – and write words that speak to them that way too.

Everything You Need To Connect With Your Perfect Clients
So that you can replicate my system, and apply what I do to your own writing, you need the training, but you also need tools.





That’s why you get:

6 weeks of live training videos (1 a week – between 60 and 90 minutes)

Weekly live Q&A session (up to 2 hours – I want to make sure I answer all questions)

Weekly homework thread for each week’s tasks

Exclusive access to a private FB group (this is where all the training, feedback and calls will be delivered)

Templates, worksheets, fill-in-the-blank documents

The tools I use to make everything faster and easier. Look, I love writing…but even I don’t like sitting there churning through it every day. Less is more in my world

Frameworks to take the words you’ve collated into engaging social media posts and profitable sales pages.


A 2-week implementation period, where we keep up the feedback and Q&A sessions after all the content is delivered, so that you can ask questions as you’re putting everything in place.

Here’s an overview of how I’m imagining the program will work (but bear in mind that this is the first round, so things might change up as we go through it…)

Week 1: Find out what your clients REALLY think (and how to borrow their language)
This week is about talking, listening and gathering. No writing – instead, we extract all of the copywriting gold that’s hidden in plain sight.

Learn how to craft surveys and interviews that give you the exact language about how your clients feel about working with you…in THEIR own words.

Find out how to unpick your reviews and testimonials, and reframe them into marketing messages for your business

Discover the copywriter’s secret weapon: Customer Review Mining. If you don’t have loads of testimonials to work with, that’s fine. We can use tried and tested techniques to still find out what your ideal client is thinking.

Get access to the prompts I use to get my clients to properly explain what they do. It’s a short exercise, but extremely powerful. It can be done through video, audio or written down. The format doesn’t matter, the point is to untangle what’s going on in your head.

Week 2: Create your messaging ‘buckets’

Your clients are on a journey. Right now, they’re struggling…and after working with you, they’ll feel better.

The key to signing up more of your perfect clients, is finding the specific messages that connect with them on that journey.

You get access to my system to create six messaging ‘buckets’ that form the backbone of your messaging and marketing.

These buckets combine proven copywriting formulas and ideas, with what I’ve learned from applying this in the real world (a world of building businesses to help specific people, not selling a broad solution to anyone and everyone).

They are:

The struggle: what’s the driving force that is making them seek you out?

The solution: how do your audience talk about what spurred them on to start finding a solution. This will help you frame what you do in a way that makes sense to them (and maybe more to you as well!)

The objections: when you know the reasons why people hesitate to book a call, purchase a course, or otherwise say no, you know how alleviate those concerns

The awareness level: how familiar do you need your potential clients to be with you and your brand to make sense of your messaging? We look for phrases and words that tell you how far along the ‘awareness spectrum’

The Secret Sauce: what makes you stand out from your competitors? Your ‘X-Factor’ isn’t something you have to make up, it’s what your clients experience working with you, and believe about you.

The success: what language do they use to describe how they felt after having their problem solved

We organise everything you’ve gathered in week 1, and create your Messaging Matrix.

Again…no writing. Just copy/paste.

Week 3: Pull out your key messages
This week analyse what you’ve pulled together and categorised.

We do this by:

Finding the top messages in each ‘bucket’. You have lots of phrases that express the same struggle or hesitation, I’ll show you how to distil them into crystal clear messages

Identifying the most compelling quotes and phrases. These will give you insight into what you need to say in your copy, to reflect back to your clients that you understand them, and know how to help them.

Conclude what makes your customers tick, and how you can produce copy and content that matches their needs exactly with your offerings

This exercise will show you how to look at your business from your client’s perspective, and how your copy needs to fill the gaps

I want to stop here for a second to point something out…

After 3 weeks of working with me in this program, you won’t really have ‘written’ very much at all.

But you WILL have lots and lots and lots of words (probably thousands) that are ready for you to deploy into your copy.

I hope it’s becoming clear why this process works particularly well for those of you who don’t particularly enjoy writing.

Or feel weird about writing anything ‘salesy’.

OK, let’s keep going…

Week 4: Let’s turn the spotlight on you

We’re now at the point where most of your competitors are just starting. Most courses on messaging or copy also start here.

Which means you’re light-years ahead, and you haven’t even written anything yet.

Finally! Nail the damn USP. After all the work we’ve done, this bit is so much easier than any approach you’ve tried before. We won’t be doing exercises in imagination and creative thinking – your audience have told you EXACTLY what makes you stand out, now…we massage it into shape

From now on…every piece of content that you create for your business will be dialled right in to what sets you apart, and what value you offer

Create the all-important ‘snippets’ to use on social media, your website and even when you meet people at networking events. No more groaning on the inside when someone asks you what you do.

We’ll set aside the entire week to focus on this because it is so important.

Week 5: No more tripping over Features and Benefits

Almost everyone I speak to struggles with the distinction between these concepts.

Sure, it makes sense intellectually, but when applying it to your own business…it gets sticky.

First, you’ll learn how to apply your research and messaging to the features of your product or service

Then we’ll map the benefits that you KNOW your audience is looking for onto your offer

You’ll learn how to write short little bullet points just like the one you’re reading right now. I’ve had client hire me JUST for this part of their sales letter, because bullets are THE most effective way to explain features and benefits (most sales come from doing this bit right)

You get access to a set of fill-in-the-blank bullet templates. You’ll be knocking these out in no time – and wonder how you managed without them up until now.

Week 6: Use my proven copy frameworks that practically write themselves…and bring in clients and revenue

You’re not a copywriter, so you don’t really give a toss about the nuts and bolts, right? (It’s OK, I won’t be offended)

In this module I handpick the formulas that I know are relevant for posting on social media. You get my plug-n-play Social Media Framework – a step-by-step guide for creating social media posts that are dialled RIGHT IN to what your audience needs to hear

You also get my Sales Page Framework – the system I use to write pages for 5- and 6-figure revenue streams for my clients. This is another step-by-step guide to turn everything from your Messaging Matrix into a profitable sales page for your program or course.

The frameworks bring in money for my client’s launches. They bring money into my own business. I know they work. I’ve tested, tweaked and refined them so that they’re easy to use, and weave in powerful copywriting formulas (without you needing to study copywriting for yourself)

I’m not going to overpromise, but I would be VERY surprised if you don’t find yourself knocking out posts and pages in a fraction of the time you’re currently spending on it all.

Start date of program: Monday, 3rd August

Weekly live trainings: Every Tuesday for 6 weeks (delivered via FB group AND an online course portal)

Weekly Q&A: Every Thursday for 6 weeks (1-2 hour Zoom call)

Weekly homework thread: ask questions around the particular topic each week

Facebook group: Open from 3rd August until 27th September (8 weeks in total)

Ready to join?
Full price: £697
Early bird: £497
First 5 people to sign up get a Copy Clinic call (worth £250)

The Copy Clinic is a session for you to have me work directly on your content.

Pick something you want help with, and send it through to me a couple of days before our call.

I’ll spend time prepping for the call so that we maximise every minute of our time together.

During the call (done in Zoom), I’ll edit the content as you watch, as well as make notes and comments for you to follow up with.

I’ll record the call so you can reference it at any time.

I can get a LOT of editing and ideas generated in 60 minutes, I’ve only recently started realising just how fast and efficient I am at this (I thought everyone worked this way 🤷)

This service normally costs £250 – yours for free as one of the first 5 early-birds to sign up.

What The Copy Course Will Do For You…

Here’s what we’ll do together when sign up to The Copy Course:

1. You’ll learn how to turn research calls with your client into spot-on marketing copy for your business.

2. You’ll uncover your bulletproof Point of Difference, and know how to articulate what sets you apart

3. You’ll create your Messaging Matrix – the living document at the heart of your content plan. And through learning how to create it, you can do this process again and again as your business evolves and you create new offers

4. You’ll create Content Frameworks for your social media posts and sales pages. This is the 20% of actual writing, and most of it is done with templates, prompts and guides.

I Know This Works…But I Want You To Feel Safe

I want to be crystal clear that this is the beta run of this program, so I’ll be creating some of the content as we go (some I’ve got ready to go now).

It probably won’t be super-slick in delivery – but I promise you the content is spot on.

Of course, you’ll also get access to future updated and upgraded versions of the program content.

I get, though, that it can feel like a big risk to sign-up under these circumstances – so I want to put your mind as rest.

If, at the end of the program, you feel like you didn’t get value, I’ll refund your money.

All I ask is that you show me you’ve done the work. If you sign up, don’t show up to any calls, don’t ask questions, don’t do any of the tasks – then that’s on you.

But if you do give it a serious try, and feel like it didn’t help you move forward – that’s on me…and I’ll give you your money back.